We exist to engage our city with the love of Jesus one relationship at a time.


Engage Our City

Our home is a beautiful, vibrant, multicultural, global center. Queens is home to more languages than any county in the world and our neighbors and family come from across the globe. NYC and its surrounding suburbs host 22 million people. Those 22 million are made up of doctors, students, homeless, bus drivers, bankers, refugees, electricians, families all made in the image of God. With all of the grace that exists in our city, we are still met with the daily experience of injustice, inequality and the consequences of personal sin. Our commitment is to engage our city in all of its beauty and brokenness.


With the Love of Jesus

Jesus changes everything. Jesus changes our hearts, our families, our communities and our world. He is at the center of everything we do because we believe He is the only one who can fully restore, heal, and transform our lives and change our destinies in this life and the next. His love is our resource to love others in sacrificial ways and his gospel is the motivation for everything we do. St. Paul once said if we don’t have love, we are nothing. So in everything we do we seek to embody the love of Jesus.

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One Relationship at a Time

The notion of seeing our city and communities transformed by God’s love may be compelling, but it can also be intimidating. It is a vision and a dream that is much bigger than us. As audacious of a goal as it is, it begins and continues through very ordinary means, accessible to all who participate in Jesus’ body. It’s been said the Kingdom of God runs on the rails of relationships. And we believe that if our city will meet the Kingdom it will happen through friendships, family and partnerships. In living rooms, break rooms, and classrooms. Over meals, after work, and on our way to class. It will happen one relationship at a time.