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Who is Jesus?

Jesus is my Lord, and my savior.  But I realize not everyone understands who Jesus is.  Many wonder how a Jewish Rabbi who lived over 2000 years ago could relate to us today.

To better understand, you’ve got to understand how Jesus fits in to a larger story.  And like all good stories, we must begin at the beginning….

Follow this link to view “The Story”…

God is inviting you to be part of the story He is writing through the ages.  God is offering you salvation.

You can embrace Him by simply:

  • Admitting your need for God
  • Asking Him to forgive you and help you turn from your sin
  • Trusting in Jesus Christ alone to save you
  • Following Jesus as King of your life from this day forward

If you desire to become a follower of Jesus and make him Lord of your life, I encourage you to put your trust in Him today, don’t delay!  And then, by all means, contact us—we’d love to help you as you take your first steps in following Jesus.

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